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Aquarelle Paintings

Light, flowing, translucent - watercolour paintings exert a special fascination on their viewers. Therefore, it is understandable that artists such as August Macke, Paul Cézanne, or Albrecht Dürer tried out this technique during their great creative periods. Even today, watercolour paintings have lost none of their magic. You can even buy original watercolours here in our shop - by contemporary artists, some of whom interpret the watercolour painting in a very classical way, while others lend it completely new facets.

One of the Oldest Painting Techniques: Watercolour Painting

Watercolour paintings are among the oldest works of art created by human beings. This is due to their simple principle: finely ground pigments are dissolved in water and applied to the painting surface with a brush or other tools. The oldest watercolour paintings created in this way date back thousands of years to the Egyptian books of the dead. However, water-soluble colours were also used early on in Asia to illustrate pictures or to practise the art of calligraphy. At that time, watercolours were mainly applied opaquely - today, instead, today's artists tend to focus on the translucent effect of the paint application. In this sense, the term "glazing" is also used, in which the colours are heavily diluted with water and then layered on top of each other.

Playing With Light and Colours: Watercolour Paintings and Their Effect

Watercolour paintings are often characterised by an expression of lightness. They stage a fleeting interplay of colours that often blur into one another and combine to form a harmonious whole. The layer-by-layer application of highly diluted colours creates a play of colours and areas of light and dark that the viewer encounters exclusively in watercolour painting. However, translucency and lightness are by no means to be taken as synonymous with a lack of expressiveness. In fact, quite the opposite: Precisely through the interplay of colours and shades that appear transparent, watercolour paintings often produce an effect that immediately captivates the viewer, transports unforgettable moods, stimulates the mind and invites one to sink into it.

Buy Watercolours: From Landscape Motifs to Abstract Works

When you decide to buy contemporary watercolour paintings here in our shop, you can choose from a wide variety of motifs, colour schemes and styles. Our carefully curated selection exclusively includes originals by artists who are already well-known or are currently in the process of becoming so. Discover the extravagant colour explosions of Brigitte Waldschmidt, which are hardly recognisable as watercolour paintings at first glance. Or immerse yourself in the atmospheric scenes by Christin Lutze, who creates impressive emotions with reduced worlds of form and colour. Let yourself be captivated by the expressive characters of Michael Nonn's watercolour paintings or enjoy the calm power of Wiebke Meier's dune world. All watercolour paintings that you buy from us are unique and come directly from the studio of the respective artist.