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Oil Paintings

Leonardo da Vinci's "Mona Lisa", Vincent van Gogh's "Starry Night", and "The Persistence of Memory" by Salvador Dalí - many incomparable artworks have been created as oil paintings. And the pinnacle of painting continues to fascinate to this day. Discover contemporary oil paintings by emerging and established artists in our collection.

Buy Hand-Painted Oil Paintings - A Unique Technique Full of Fascination

The first European oil paintings were created in the 13th century. A pioneer in this field was the Flemish painter Jan van Eyck, who constantly developed the technique further and thus contributed to its spread. The fascination that the new medium aroused was primarily based on overcoming the linear-oriented technique of tempera painting that had been predominant until then. Hand-painted oil paintings allowed for the creation of significantly realistic works that were closer to nature. Over the centuries, various painting techniques evolved - from the separation of form and colour, artists moved on to tone-on-tone painting and alla prima painting, and finally to mixed media. When you buy contemporary oil paintings today, depending on the artist's direction, you can discover various technical styles or combinations of such.

Brilliant Colours for Eternity - Buy Original Oil Paintings

Oil paints essentially consist of only pigments and an oil that acts as a binder. This simple yet ingenious composition offers many benefits for both the artist and the art lover: Oil paints impress with excellent painting characteristics, allow for technical refinement, and can be worked on for an extended period due to their slow drying time. The viewer, in turn, benefits from a play of colours that is hard to surpass in brilliance and shine. Additionally, oil paintings are made to last for eternity: Even after many years, the colours continue to captivate the viewer with their radiance. Furthermore, they can be protected by applying a varnish. Anyone who decides to buy an oil painting can be certain that they will be able to enjoy this work for a truly long time.

Oil Paintings Directly from the Artist - Diverse Styles and Motifs

Do you have a passion for abstract Expressionism, do you enjoy becoming immersed in Art Deco compositions, or are you fascinated by the detail-richness of Naturalism? Here, you can buy a carefully curated selection of oil paintings - all original and signed by the artist. Discover the hand-painted oil paintings with a maritime character by Anja Struck or be inspired by the landscape paintings of Arnold Voet. Embark on a journey into the surrealistic worlds of Viktor Lau or take a closer look at the minimalist compositions of Stanko. Every oil painting you buy from us is an unmistakable unique piece and reaches you directly from the studio of the respective artist.