Abstract Expressionism

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Abstract Expressionism

Spontaneity, the expression of the subconscious, the detachment from previously valid rules - abstract expressionism is an art movement in modern painting that breaks with conventions and creates entirely new worlds of colour and imagery. Here in our shop, you can buy pictures of abstract expressionism by contemporary artists.

Untamed and Full of Emotion: Abstract Expressionism in Art

Abstract Expressionism originated in the USA. An impressive art movement developed there in the late 1940s, particularly pioneered by the New York School. Artists such as Jackson Pollock and Mark Rothko abandoned the standards of painting that had prevailed until then: They opposed perfection and reason and instead gave free rein to emotion and spontaneity when creating their works.

Figurative motifs were not entirely excluded, but often the worlds of colour and spontaneously emerging forms were the focus. This has not changed to this day: Contemporary artists who create artworks in the tradition of abstract expressionism often break away from traditional motifs to let their emotions run free. However, there are also works in which figurative motifs such as water or people certainly play a role. Nevertheless, these are also individually integrated into the emotional representation and thus sometimes interpreted in a completely new way.

Abstract Expressionism: Pictures With Unusual Techniques

Abstract expressionism in painting did not only abandon all previous conventions of representation and motifs. Even the techniques broke away from the conventional standard. Therefore, abstract expressionist artworks were not necessarily created with the brush. Instead, colour was applied to the painting surface using all kinds of techniques: spatula techniques, colour throws or slow dripping with the help of perforated vessels - the experimentation of the artists in this unique style of modernism had no limits. And this has continued to this day. Even contemporary artists who create pictures in the abstract expressionist style do not allow any rules to be imposed on them. Oil and acrylic on wood and canvas can be discovered here, as well as airbrush techniques, colour spray or chalk.

Buy Abstract Expressionistic Pictures: Unique Pieces Direct from the Artist's Studio

Abstract expressionism was born in a time of upheaval, shortly after the Second World War. In a time when the world outside was full of frights, there was a reflection on the inner self, on real feelings, on intimate subjective sensations. This approach is as modern and in demand today as it was seventy years ago. Many contemporary artists, including Anett Münnich, Ute Bivona and Brigitte Waldschmidt, create works in the style of abstract expressionism that captivate and excite the viewer. Here you can order the pictures of these artists as originals directly from their studios.