Still Life

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Still Life Paintings

Flowers, food, jewellery - when lifeless and motionless objects take centre stage, it results in a fascinating range of artistic interpretations and expressions. With us, you will discover unique still life paintings by contemporary artists.

Still Life Pictures: From Depicting the Visible to Complex Messages

The origins of still life painting date back to antiquity. Depictions of everyday objects, food or precious objects adorned paintings, walls, and floors of stately villas. In later epochs, still life artworks moved into the background, as representations of earthly existence were less in demand in medieval art. However, starting from the 17th century, still life paintings gradually evolved into an independent genre, appreciated by art lovers to this day. Departing from their originally objective representation of lifeless objects, still life paintings allowed for increasingly individualistic compositions. The selection of motifs, the arrangement of objects, the play of colours - all aspects of still life pictures were used not only to depict the real-existing object but also to convey messages and emotions. This versatility is what makes still life an extremely captivating genre in art to this day.

Still Life and Modern Painting - From Impressionistic to Abstract

Contemporary artists skilfully combine modern art forms with the classical genre of still life. The result is unique works that can be either entirely traditional or completely detached from previous conventions. Just as Vincent van Gogh once used his sunflower studies to portray his inner emotional life, today's artists use still life paintings to convey highly subjective messages. To do so, they utilise the entire range of available materials, media, and stylistic techniques.

In our selection, for example, you will discover abstract still life oil paintings where the representation of subjective impressions takes precedence over the realistic portrayal of chosen motifs. Equally, you can immerse yourself in photorealistic still life paintings that leave you in awe of their absolute precision and attention to detail.

Buy Still Life: Contemporary Still Life Artworks in a Carefully Curated Selection

Contemporary still life paintings explore a variety of motifs and themes. Discover the floral splendour in the works of Anne Samson and let yourself be carried away by the powerful bursts of colour. Lose yourself in the detailed depictions by Sabine Schramm, whose still life pictures of edibles are so lifelike that you can almost believe you can reach into the fruit bowl. Be enchanted by the surprising motifs and compositions of Mo Fontaine, who skilfully weaves together various artistic elements to create timeless still life artworks. You can order these and all other still life paintings from us directly from the studio of the respective artists' studios with authenticity certificates.