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Surrealist Paintings

Surrealist pictures are full of fantasy, absurdity, and scurrility. They combine the dreamlike and the unconscious with reality, blurring the boundaries between reality and fiction. At artSOLITAIRE, you will discover a carefully curated selection of surrealist paintings by contemporary artists. Explore the diversity of current surrealist artworks, reflecting the technical variety and an almost infinite range of motifs.

What Makes Surrealist Paintings Fascinating?

Surrealism emerged as an intellectual movement in the 1920s and has not lost any of its fascination to this day. At its core is the idea that the true reality of human beings can only be found in the unconscious. The aim was and still is to go beyond realism, expand consciousness, and simultaneously question or challenge the prevailing values and norms. Famous surrealist paintings were created by Salvador Dalí, Joan Miró and René Magritte. Typical features of surrealist pictures are motifs that seem mismatched at first glance, often even contradictory, thereby alienating the effect on the viewer. Because a rational explanation is impossible, individual perspectives are required when it comes to interpretation and understanding.

Which Surrealist Pictures Can Be Found at artSOLITAIRE?

artSOLITAIRE presents a wide selection of surrealist pictures by contemporary artists. In terms of subject matter, technique, colour scheme and effect, there is a suitable work of art for every taste. Our carefully curated selection includes surrealist paintings created with acrylic and oil paints, watercolours, works created with chalk and innovative designs using ink and spray paint. The range includes both hyper-realistic depictions, where objects are reproduced realistically, as well as pictures inspired by automatism. Here, the artist brings objects onto the canvas more or less spontaneously from the unconscious.

In terms of size and price category, the selection could hardly be greater: At artSOLITAIRE, you will find small-scale surrealist paintings for well under 1,000 euros, perfect as a gift for a special person. You will also find XXL paintings for ambitious collectors and connoisseurs.

Why Buy Surrealist Pictures at artSOLITAIRE?

Here, you can buy surrealist paintings by contemporary artists who have already made a name for themselves on both national and international stages. At the same time, you will discover works by up-and-coming young artists who are just starting to establish themselves within the scene. Our experienced team travels the world to galleries and exhibitions and maintains constant contact with gallery owners and artists. Trust and expertise are our strengths.

You will always receive the pictures directly from the artist's studio - including a signed certificate of authenticity. This guarantees the authenticity of the works.