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Acrylic Pictures

Experimental freedom, extraordinary colour intensities, and a variety of techniques - all characterise modern acrylic painting. Acrylic paintings have occupied a permanent spot in the repertoire of many artists since the 1950s at the latest when artists first used the innovative generation of colours. Here in our shop, you can buy contemporary acrylic paintings as originals directly from the studio.

Paintings Created With Acrylics - Immerse Yourself in a Medium That Invites You to Experiment

Many artists pursue a clear goal with their works. They want to tell stories, convey messages, and trigger emotions. To achieve this goal, they repeatedly experiment with new forms of expression, styles and media. Until recently, acrylic paints were exactly this kind of new medium - but by now they are considered to be a staple in painting. And there are probably only a few artists who have not yet tried painting acrylics in different variations. This is by no means surprising because there is almost no other medium that is as versatile, varied and grateful as acrylic paint: glazing, smoothing, working with sponges, impasto, airbrush and collage - there is almost no technique that cannot be realised in acrylic artworks. This is exactly why acrylic paintings are so versatile: whether you are interested in photo-realistic acrylic paintings or would like to buy abstract acrylic paintings - our well-curated selection has the right artwork for every taste.

Hand-Painted Acrylic Pictures - Discover New Worlds of Style

Modern acrylic paintings present themselves in a stylistic range that captivates every art lover. Those who are enthusiastic about classical epochs such as naturalism or impressionism will get their money's worth just as much as friends of surrealistic works, street art and minimalist conceptual art. Discover the colour explosions created with airbrush and acrylic by Brigitte Waldschmidt, lose yourself in the attention to detail of Gerd Bannuscher's photo-realistic works or immerse yourself in the nature-influenced imagery of Kirsten Treis. Contemporary acrylic paintings always offer something new to discover, because the relatively young medium regularly inspires artists to completely innovative experiments. To embark on this journey into new (art) worlds, to be captured by expressive stories and carried away by deep emotions - acrylic paintings invite you to do all this.

Buy Acrylic Paintings - Curated Selection of Contemporary Artists

Classic subjects and modern motifs combine perfectly in acrylic paintings. Ranging from folk scenes, nature and animal depictions to themes such as food & drink, history and politics or love - if you would like to buy acrylic paintings in our shop, you'll discover that the variety of thematic content is almost limitless. This selection invites you to repeatedly rediscover your personal favourite motifs in different facets. Let yourself be inspired by completely new subjects, in which the artists carefully selected by us demonstrate their unique talents as well as convey their unmistakable messages. You can order the acrylic paintings as unmistakable unique pieces directly from the studio of the respective artist.