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Abstract Pictures

Unique pictorial compositions, innovative colour language, forms and materials seem to randomly merge. These are essential characteristics of abstract pictures, as many artists have been producing them since the beginning of the 20th century. Discover unique originals by contemporary artists at the peak of their creative careers at artSOLITAIRE.

Non-representational Art as the Epitome of Artistic Freedom

Wassily Kandinsky, Robert Delaunay, Piet Mondrian - today they are among the great artists in the field of abstract painting. At the beginning of the 20th century, they established a new way of dealing with colours, forms and materials and thus achieved a radical break with all the basic principles of painting that had been valid until then. This not only earned them respect from critics, but it also paved the way for numerous artists who, freed from the constraints of object-oriented painting, are still leading painting into completely new spheres today. Abstract pictures are regarded as the epitome of artistic freedom because far removed from valid definitions and guidelines, they constantly reinvent themselves and open our eyes to worlds that would remain hidden without abstract painting.

Diving Into Worlds Beyond Reality With Abstract Pictures

Abstract pictures do not awaken memories nor depict reality but rather invite us to dive into inner spheres. Where the laws of reality have no power, everything is possible and finds expression in colours, forms and materials that forever capture the unprecedented on canvas. Abstract pictures often require a separate explanation - because the representations without objects allow for a multitude of interpretations. This is quite different from pictures of celebrities, landscapes, or automobiles, where the motif is usually clearly recognisable. But even without detailed explanations by the artist, abstract pictures invite you to experience painting in a completely new way - individually, emotionally and detached from conventions.

Buy Abstract Pictures - Unique Originals Directly from the Studio

Oil, acrylic, aquarelle, varnish - when you buy abstract pictures from artSOLITAIRE, you can choose between a variety of materials, techniques, and colour worlds. Every work we present here is an original by a contemporary artist, which you can order and receive directly from the studio. Discover a curated selection of abstract pictures by emerging young talents and established artists: from Robert Hettich and Peter Nottrott to Ute Bivona and Susanne Pohlmann. Let yourself be taken in by the unique artistic worlds and enjoy the view into spheres beyond visually perceivable reality.