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Car Paintings

Whether as a symbol of freedom and independence, a milestone in technical progress or a collector's item for enthusiasts - cars are as multifaceted as almost any other vehicle. Contemporary artists have also discovered the four-wheeled passenger cars in their many forms for themselves - with us, you can order car paintings directly from the studio.

The Car in Painting - Versatile and Inspiring

For some, the car may be just a means of transport - a technical object that allows for comfortable and quick travel from point A to point B. For others, cars symbolise freedom and independence. Some even have petrol running through their veins or dedicate every minute of their free time to caring for their horsepower sledge. Whether it's a hot rod, a family car, or a luxurious sedan - precisely because cars are seen in such versatile and different ways, there is a wide range of possibilities for art with cars. From dreamy hippie buses in psychedelic colours to tuned sports cars with plenty of horsepower under the bonnet - car paintings impressively capture the diversity of motorised vehicles. There is the perfect interpretation for everyone.

From Vintage Cars, Convertibles, and Race Cars – Paintings with Cars

Just as individual as the feelings and attitudes we associate with different types of cars, so too are the car paintings by contemporary artists. You can discover striking vintage cars as well as spirited convertibles, cosy small cars alongside powerful race cars speeding on the track, or imaginative vehicles that give us a glimpse of the possible future in car design. Art and cars come together on various painting canvases and in different media: Acrylic and oil are just as much a part of it as chalk, coloured pencils, charcoal, or lacquer.

Painted Car Pictures – Stylistic Diversity from Contemporary Artists

Do you want to buy abstract car pictures, or are you looking for impressionist-inspired car artwork? Our carefully curated selection of works by contemporary artists is as stylistically diverse as the cars on our streets.

Discover the colourful works of Holger Mühlbauer-Gardemin, who creates car paintings full of dynamism and expressiveness. Or let yourself be overwhelmed by the car pictures of Sabrina Seck, where the passion for form and colour is as tangible as the connection between the abstract and the concrete. The car paintings by Nicole Leidenfrost and Mirek Kuzniar are also extremely colourful and dynamic. The brushstrokes alone show that all cars - as different as they may appear at first glance - share a core element: The impressive power with which the ton-heavy vehicle seemingly effortlessly and at top speed moves on the streets of this world.