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Landscape Painting

No matter if human beings created them or whether they have remained untouched - rivers, lakes, forests, and flowering fields have long been one of the best-known genres of figurative painting. With their landscape paintings, contemporary artists awaken longings in us, they make us reminisce and invite us on a journey to regions we have never seen before.

From Decorative Accessory to Protagonist - The Changing Role of Landscape Painting

The artistic depiction of landscapes was already widespread in ancient Greek frescoes and Roman mural paintings. At that time, landscape paintings were to create spatial depth or served as a backdrop for the presentation of mythological and historical themes. Similarly, in the Middle Ages, landscape painting was primarily functional: it helped to locate the subject geographically or carried symbolic meaning. The landscape as an independent, individual motif did not come into focus until later: the Renaissance saw the beginning of scientific exploration of the world, and with it, the demand for the representation of nature in art changed. Nature studies became increasingly popular, so landscape painting became firmly established as a genre in its own right, which has endured to this day.

From Untouched Nature to Industrial Complexes - the Versatility of Landscape Paintings

Landscape paintings are incredibly versatile and diverse. Just as in architectural painting, nudes or portraits, there are numerous styles and motifs represented in the works of contemporary artists - from abstract to impressionistic, from photo-realistic to minimalist. Landscape paintings with beaches and lake scapes line up with depictions of dense, impenetrable forests, open savannahs or mountain ranges reaching into the sky. And just as diverse as the motifs are the moods that artists evoke with their landscape painting: tranquillity and equilibrium, vibrant dynamics, or colourful serenity. This makes landscape paintings ideal for letting your gaze wander, immersing yourself in unknown sceneries and losing yourself completely in the depicted world and its own reality.

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