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Abstract Paintings

Detached from the natural form, abstract or entirely without any representational reference - abstract paintings break free from the natural representation of optical reality. Contemporary artists also use this art style to create entirely new, individualised imagery and realities.

Abstract Art in Pictures - Energy and Movement on Canvas

In many classical art movements, the aim was to depict the environment as realistically and true to nature as possible. The individual, emotional perspective of the artist often had limited opportunities to flow from the brush onto the canvas. Abstract art changed this: Emotions, energy and movement were suddenly given space on the canvas, whereas lifelike depictions took a back seat or even disappeared altogether. At the beginning of the 20th century, it was pioneers such as Hilma af Klint, Wassily Kandinsky, Robert Delaunay and Piet Mondrian who established abstract art and made it socially acceptable. Within the world of abstract pictures on canvas, various trends developed, such as Constructivism and Abstract Expressionism, many of which still captivate art enthusiasts today.

Abstract Paintings for the Living Room – Experience Free Colours and Forms

Motifs or objects from the outside world are mostly sought in vain in abstract art. Instead, the focus is on free colours and shapes, which are by no means randomly positioned on the canvas. Modern abstract pictures develop their own internal order, existing only detached from external reality. Instead of creating images of reality, artists shape completely new imagery that captivates viewers, stimulates reflection, and provokes completely individual interpretations. Abstract art in paintings offers plenty of room for the viewer's own imagination, unfolds emotional realities far from objective reality, and, thus, appeals to art lovers on more than one level. Often, abstract works of art also exude a very unique dynamic that pulsates and powerfully captures the viewer, changes the entire spatial effect, and becomes a visual magnet in any collection.

Originals from the Studio – Buy Abstract Pictures

Abstract paintings are popular among art lovers because they appeal to the individual experience, and the emotional level and provide room for personal interpretation. Hand-painted abstract pictures on canvas can also be explored emotionally - not always requiring an intellectual approach. You can be inspired by the colour worlds of Andrea Langensiepen or identify with the minimalist works of Astrid Stoeppel and be carried away by the dynamic brushwork in the works of Peter Nottrott. You can buy abstract acrylic paintings, and oil paintings by contemporary artists from us and receive the works directly from the studio. Always included: a signed certificate of authenticity that proves the authenticity of the painting.