A Day in the Studio of Nicole Leidenfrost

A Day in the Studio of Nicole Leidenfrost


The works of freelance artist Nicole Leidenfrost are characterised by her strong drawing lines, expressive brushstrokes and vibrant colours.

In 2020, Nicole Leidenfrost graduated with a diploma in "Drawing and Painting" under the guidance of Professor Markus Lüpertz at the Academy of Fine Arts at the Alte Spinnerei Kolbermoor. The artist successfully completed Lüpertz's masterclass in 2022.

We visited Nicole Leidenfrost's studio at the Kulturvilla Schnepfenthal and spent a day with her. We talked to the artist about her journey to art.


Nicole Leidenfrost's studio - the Kulturvilla Schnepfenthal
Nicole Leidenfrost's studio - the Kulturvilla Schnepfenthal


Nicole Leidenfrost, how did you become interested in art?

My passion for painting and drawing was already emphasised in my school report in the first grade. I always wanted to be an artist, but the decision to make it my main profession happened somewhat by chance.


When did you know that you wanted to become an artist?

My passion for art accompanied me from an early age, but the decision to pursue this path professionally developed gradually and was not planned that way. A fortunate coincidence led to one of my artworks being presented as a state gift to Queen Elizabeth II. This unexpected moment suddenly brought my art into the headlines. It made me unexpectedly famous as an artist, and art collectors sought me out specifically to explore and include my work in their collections.

The work "The Horse in Royalblue" is now part of the art collection "Royal Collection Trust" and hangs in Buckingham Palace.


The artist Nicole Leidenfrost
The artist Nicole Leidenfrost


What inspires you?

I am particularly fascinated by the colours of nature, as well as the play of colours of other renowned artists.


Which artist had the greatest influence on you?

I greatly admire the works of David Hockney, Lüpertz and Baselitz, which have influenced my artistic style.


Where do you prefer to paint?

My favourite place to paint is somewhere quiet - it doesn't have to be luxurious as long as I can focus on my art.


What does a typical day in your life as an artist look like?

There is no routine in our daily life. I usually start my day in the morning with my husband and my dog. Then, I take care of online enquiries and, if possible, I spend time in the studio - whether it's early in the morning or late at night. We like to end the day with a relaxed cooking session.


Which material and techniques do you prefer to use?

I prefer strong bold acrylic colours, often on a classic black background - a preference that my professor may not share.


 The artist's works at an exhibition
The artist's works at an exhibition


Nicole Leidenfrost, what was your most memorable experience?

Many of my long-standing clients trust me and collect my works over the years - going through these collections is always a wonderful experience.


What advice would you give to young artists who are just beginning?

Don't let yourself be influenced by headlines. The art world appreciates unconventional artists.


Have you discovered another artist on artSOLITAIRE whose works you admire?

I highly value the works of Anja Struck.


What do you think you would be doing today if you hadn't become an artist?

Perhaps I would have taken on a management position with personnel responsibility.


The sun terrace of the Kulturvilla Schnepfenthal
The sun terrace of the Kulturvilla Schnepfenthal


Do you have a favourite museum? If so, which one and why?

The Museum Würth always inspires me, especially since I am part of their art collection.


Do you have a current favourite among your works?

My current works often contain a lot of fresh inspiration and passion.


Which exhibition or award are you particularly proud of? Or are you currently planning an exhibition? 

I am proud to have exhibition opportunities in our Kulturvilla Schnepfenthal. Also, the collaboration with Lamborghini for their 60th anniversary fills me with joy.


Nicole Leidenfrost with her works
Nicole Leidenfrost with her works


Do you have any wishes for your future? What are your aspirations and goals?

Health and world peace are essential wishes. My goal is to pave the way for others into art, whether through seminars in our space or in other ways.

Thank you for the interview!

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