A Day in the Studio of Sandra Gebhardt-Höpfner

A Day in the Studio of Sandra Gebhardt-Höpfner


We are visiting Sandra Gebhardt-Höpfner in Hamburg and spending a day with her in her studio.

Sandra Gebhardt-Höpfner is a freelance, experienced, and internationally recognised artist who paints her pictures with acrylic paint on canvas. Born in 1970 in Rendsburg, Schleswig-Holstein, Germany, she currently resides in Hamburg with her husband and two children.


Sandra Gebhardt-Höpfner preparing the colour palette
Sandra Gebhardt-Höpfner preparing the colour palette


Mrs Sandra Gebhardt-Höpfner, how did you become interested in art?

I've always enjoyed painting and photography. Since my youth, I have been surrounded by pictures and photographs. Despite that, I initially studied something that was "safe" and became an industrial clerk and later a business economist and mediator. However, I have always been an enthusiastic painter. Over the years, I learned a lot from various well-known artists in Hamburg and Schleswig-Holstein and discovered myself and my own style.


When did you know that you wanted to become an artist?

Creating something beautiful and empowering for other people has always inspired and driven me. I used to paint only for myself, my family, and friends. When it became too many pictures over time, and I had no more space at home, I pragmatically and calmly started selling some. As the interest of my customers and collectors grew, my hope and confidence to pursue a professional career in this area increased. Today, I am a very happy full-time artist.


What inspires you?

I find my inspiration in nature, by the sea and during walks. Capturing the light in nature on canvas brings me great joy. I capture special moments with my camera and bring them and my feelings to life later in my studio. I am interested in everything related to light, water, water lilies, nature, flowers, and landscapes.


Which artist has had the greatest influence on you and your work?

Claude Monet's magnificent water lilies and landscape paintings fascinate me. I really admire his ability to capture the mood of the moment, the shimmering reflections of light in the water.


The artist with her works
The artist with her works


Where do you prefer to paint?

My favourite place to paint is in my studio in Hamburg. I photograph my motifs in nature and then capture them on canvas with acrylic paints, brushes, and palette knives. My main studio is in the house where I live.


What does a typical day in your life as an artist look like?

Early in the morning I usually do my administrative work, accompanied by two cups of black coffee. Then, I approach the easel and immerse myself in my world. The feeling of time dissolves, and I become absorbed. There's a lot of music involved which I sometimes sing along to loudly.


Which material and techniques do you prefer to use?

I prefer to paint and use a palette knife with acrylic paint on canvas. I used to enjoy working with oil paint, as well, but over the years, I have learned to appreciate acrylic paint more and more.


What was your most memorable experience?

This year, a new customer from London purchased a colourful water lily painting from me. After delivery, she happily wrote to me that she bought it as a source of strength and as a reward for overcoming a major health challenge. That deeply touched me.


What advice would you give to young artists who are just beginning?

Stay brave and strong, even when things get bumpy. Don't walk the path alone. Find companions in the art world to walk with you. The fog will clear. Keep going. It's worth it. A friend and successful artist of mine once said: "We all put our pants on one leg at a time".


The work 'Summer Garden 8' by Sandra Gebhardt-Höpfner
The work "Summer Garden 8" by Sandra Gebhardt-Höpfner


Have you discovered another artist on artSOLITAIRE whose works you admire?

Yes, I really admire the beautiful pictures by the artist Irina Laube. The way Irina depicts the incidence of light in her marvellous water landscapes and nature really moves me.


What do you think you would be doing today if you hadn't become an artist?

I would be working with people, perhaps as a personal head-hunter or coach.


Do you have a favourite museum?

I really like the Bucerius Kunst Forum in Hamburg's city centre. The exhibitions are very interesting and thoughtfully curated. I can also get there quickly by bike, which makes it easy to pay a quick visit.


Do you have a current favourite among your works?

I fondly think of my largest water lily painting to date from 2023 "My Love For Water Lilies 2" in 120 x 150 cm, which now hangs in the middle of Manhattan, New York, at a dear customer's home.


Which exhibition or award are you particularly proud of? Or are you currently planning an exhibition?

When I had my first exhibition in 2004 at the former Kunstgalerie Hahn in Hamburg-Blankenese and sold a large picture right away - that was like an initial spark for me and my artistic career. Recently, I was accepted as an artist in the "European Contemporary Art Gallery" by Mark David Hatwood, who also owns "The Harbour Gallery" in Cornwall, England. I am very happy about that.


Mrs Gebhardt-Höpfner, do you have any wishes for your future? What are your aspirations and goals?

I want to enjoy every day, be healthy and grateful in the present moment. I am very happy about every single picture that is sold and hope that the number of satisfied and happy customers will continue to grow.


The artist in her studio
The artist in her studio

Thank you for the interview!

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