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Nature Paintings

Whether wild and primal like in the jungle or tamed and lovingly nurtured like in a garden - nature has always fascinated people. Contemporary artists dedicate themselves to depicting nature in paintings from different perspectives. You can order the resulting works directly from the studio.

Nature in Paintings - Animals, Plants and Landscapes Full of Life

Nature is life and brimming with energy - and as such, it exerts a unique fascination on us humans. In nature, chaos and order coexist perfection can also be found in imperfection, and life pulsates so vibrantly and thrillingly that we can hardly look away from it. Peace and idyll, adventure and freedom, comfort and beauty await us in nature. It is no wonder that contemporary artists repeatedly choose nature as the subject of their paintings. It is a subject that can be approached from countless angles. That is why nature paintings captivate with a multitude of different motifs: animals, plants, landscapes - few other subjects offer such a wide variety of motifs.

Art Paintings with Nature - Evocative Imagery that Stirs Emotions

A walk through the forest, an outing in the greenery or the humming and buzzing in a flower meadow - especially in today's fast-paced world, we like to treat ourselves to some time out in nature. Whether in our own garden, on a hike or during a holiday - surrounded by lush greenery, blooming colours, and the chirping of birds, we can relax, unwind, and replenish our energy.

Many contemporary paintings of nature know exactly how to convey this feeling: Whether oil paintings with nature or acrylic paintings depicting nature - just looking at landscapes, animals or flowers can help us find our way back to inner peace. However, the effect also works in the other direction: Dynamic oil paintings on canvas featuring landscapes or numerous abstract nature pictures can be truly energising, inspiring, and motivating. Just like nature in real life, nature in paintings holds an inexhaustible wealth of possibilities for us.

Paintings with Nature - Abstract, Expressionistic or Naturalistic

Nature in paintings presents itself in a diverse and varied manner. Contemporary artists create abstract paintings of nature as well as expressionistic works, photorealistic depictions, and surrealistic fantasy paintings. Discover the floral forays through nature by Anne Samson, the unique view of the sea by Regine Lange or the lifelike depictions of fascinating green landscapes and moments by Arnold Voet. You can order all nature paintings directly from the artist's studio through us. Along with the unique work, you will, therefore, always receive a signed certificate of authenticity.