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Art Deco Paintings

Today, Art Deco as a style is primarily known for architectural masterpieces, jewellery creations and clothing. However, paintings from the Art Deco heyday in the 1920s are often less familiar. Yet, Art Deco pictures possess their unique fascination: clear lines and geometric shapes meet vibrant colours, luxurious materials, and decorative elements. Therefore, it is not surprising that many contemporary artists still incorporate the essential features of Art Deco into their pictures today. Here, you will discover a carefully curated selection of modern Art Deco paintings - let yourself be enchanted.

What Makes Art Deco Paintings Special?

Art Deco pictures and paintings have a poster-like appearance, as the naturalness of the depicted subject fades into the background. There is little to no shading, but stylised and strikingly symmetrical depictions catch the eye. While floral or organic motifs exist, they are not as present as in the often compared Art Nouveau style. Instead, geometric shapes, patterns and clear lines define Art Deco paintings. Architectural designs of Art Deco also often appear in the pictures - this applies to both early 20th-century art and modern Art Deco paintings by contemporary artists.

Which Art Deco Artworks Are Available at artSOLITAIRE?

At artSOLITAIRE, you will not find art prints and replicas, only original works by contemporary artists. You can choose between a variety of techniques, themes, and motifs. Art Deco pictures featuring women are particularly popular: As with the pioneers of the style, many of contemporary artists focus on individual studies of the female sex. Alongside depictions of women, animals and geometric patterns are frequently occurring motifs in our carefully curated selection. In terms of techniques, contemporary Art Deco painters draw inspiration from a wide range of sources. Oil and oil pastels are used just as much as acrylic, spray paint and coloured pencils, as well as lacquer and chalk.

Why Is It Worth Buying Art Deco Pictures From artSOLITAIRE?

artSOLITAIRE offers a carefully curated selection of high-quality and exceptional Art Deco pictures. The works have been selected by our experienced team and come from nationally and internationally successful or up-and-coming artists. When you buy Art Deco art from us, you will always receive the original works directly from the studio - including a signed certificate of authenticity, of course.

Additionally, we offer the option of framing the painting with a high-quality frame on request: Choose solid wood frames in your desired colour from a digital catalogue and give the artwork additional presence with a frame. All of this and much more is part of our comprehensive service. If you have any questions or would like personalised advice, we are happy to assist you.