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Depictions of animals have always been an integral part of art. The focus is often not solely placed on pure studies of nature - animal painting also frequently reflects the coexistence of humans and animals. At artSOLITAIRE you will discover original depictions of animals by contemporary artists in various styles.

Animals in Painting - A Mirror of the Human Soul

Depictions of animals in art have existed for thousands of years. Oxen, for example, were widely used as a motif in cave paintings. These hoofed animals played a significant role for the people of that time - either as a source of food or potential danger. Later domestication changed the view of animals and thus also the representation of animals in art: dogs or cats, for example, developed into symbols of comradeship, loyalty and submissiveness and thus became increasingly popular as motifs in painting. Even today, depictions of animals in art continue to reproduce our feelings towards them. At the same time, animals often stand symbolically for unfulfilled longings. Freedom, strength, love, or unconcern - if you search, you will repeatedly discover these and similar themes in representational and abstract animal painting.

From Abstract to Impressionistic - Animal Depictions in Different Styles

Since animals have always appeared in painting, depictions of animals in art appear in all epochs and styles. From the classical "animal pieces" such as Albrecht Dürer's "Field Hare" to the deconstructivistic depictions of the tiger in Franz Marc's works - every art lover can find their favourite among the animal depictions. And this does not only apply to the great works from past epochs: Animals are also a recurring motif among contemporary artists, taken up in countless facets and styles and captured for eternity.

Buy Artworks Featuring Animals - Contemporary Representations of Animals in Art

Just like flowers, people or the sea, animals are among the classic subjects in art. Contemporary creatives inspire with photorealistic painting, exciting collage techniques or abstract animal painting, where form and colour completely dissolve and merge into a totally new unity. Purchase carefully curated originals from emerging creatives as well as established artists. Discover the works of Gerd Bannuscher, who combines photorealistic techniques with a touch of surrealism. Lose yourself in varied animal depictions by Marit Symalla and let yourself be captured by the impressive moods of Anne Samson's animal paintings. With us, you can order all animal depictions directly from the studio of the respective artist - conveniently, quickly, and securely.