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Paintings with Women

Depictions of women have always played a significant role in art - and that has not changed to this day: Whether as a loving mother, object of desire or proud goddess - contemporary artists interpret women as a motif in art in their own unique ways. Here, you can order paintings with women by artists directly from the studio.

Women in Paintings – Artful Representations of the Female Gender

Many epochs of art history were dominated by male artists. Back then, women in art were discovered less behind the scenes and more on the canvas. In all imaginable variations: From courtly ladies to industrious housemaids, nymph-like sirens, motherly deities, and playfully mischievous young women - artists of all times have depicted the individuality and versatility of women in paintings. Even today, women in paintings remain a popular subject or motif, fascinating both the artists and the viewers in a special way. Whether realistically painted female portraits or female nudes – paintings with women always reflect a part of female cultural history.

Sensual Images of Women – Painted Female Nudes and Other Seductive Representations

Paintings with women often carry a sensual component, not only when created by male artists using acrylic or oil. Full lips, a seductive gaze or the delicate curves of the female body - many contemporary female artists also use brushes, chalk, pencils, and more to capture the sensual aspects of women on canvas. Each of the painted female nudes and portraits possesses its very own magic. For example, Ekaterina Moré stages paintings with women full of colour that seem to vibrate with energy while, at the same time, exuding graceful lightness. In Michael Bajer's pictures, the sensuality of women in paintings emerges on a different, more intimate level, focussing not only on their outer beauty but also on their inner emotionality.

Paintings with Women Portraits – Deep Insights into the Soul of Women

Gentle and strong, self-confident and shy, self-centred and self-sacrificing - just like men in art, women in paintings are portrayed in all their facets. Paintings with portraits of women often seem to provide a special insight into the female soul. Whether in a naturalistic depiction, a Pop Art experiment or an expressionistic collage - contemporary artists are constantly finding new ways and means of expression to convey what they have seen, experienced and felt in paintings with women. Here, you can order these pictures with female motifs directly from the artist's studio with a signed certificate of authenticity.