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Architectural Painting

Architectural painting is a special tribute to great works of architecture. But not only pompous buildings and charismatic edifices are captured for eternity in this genre. Bridges, streets, and rural idylls also have their place in architectural painting. Discover this and much more in the numerous architectural paintings by contemporary artists that you can buy from us.

Architecture in Painting - Two-Dimensional Images of Architecture

Depictions of buildings and their interiors have always been an integral part of representational painting. After all, architectural structures lend a picture of both perspective and a certain dynamism. However, the difference with architectural painting is that buildings and such do not play a secondary role but rather become the focus of the work. Depending on the artist's intention, the aim can be to reproduce the peculiarities of a building as faithfully as possible or to interpret it abstractly. Many contemporary artists even turn the laws of architecture upside down in order to design entirely new types of buildings. In this way, the viewer of the respective work is invited into worlds that are yet unknown.

The First Architectural Paintings - By Builders and Visionaries

In antiquity, architectural depictions were immortalised in painting on large murals. Here, however, they served less as the main motif per se but rather provided a framework for depicting lush figure scenes or structuring representations of landscapes. Independent architectural painting did not develop until many centuries later: thanks to the great masters from Flanders and the Netherlands, buildings of all kinds increasingly became the main subject of pictures. This was mainly because many artists of the time were also active as builders and architects. Today things are different: to become enthusiastic about architectural painting, an artist never has to have designed a building himself. Sometimes it only takes the charisma, the charm or even the dynamics of a building to get inspired - and then to reproduce the observed in a painting.

Architectural Painting From Different Perspectives

Hamburg's Elbphilharmonie, Berlin's television tower, skyscraper complexes in New York City or the Ponte Vecchio in Florence - contemporary artists all over the world discover fascinating buildings and architectural features that captivate them. Using acrylic and oil, watercolours, or the collage technique, they bring their impressions and emotions as well as their own architectural visions onto the canvas. In the process, they create entirely different moods - from pulsating dynamics to yearning lightness to romantic transfiguration. After all, architectural painting is so much more than just the painterly depiction of buildings.

Architectural Painting by Contemporary Artists at artSOLITAIRE

Houses have a soul. They can be home, refuge, inspiration, prison and much more - decide for yourself which buildings particularly fascinate you and discover modern architectural paintings by artists such as Raimund Pallusseck, Viktor Lau or Dagmar Jacobs. Here you can order all architectural paintings directly from the artists' studios - securely, quickly, and absolutely uniquely. Secure your unique piece and experience the fascination of architectural painting first-hand.