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Infinite expanses reaching to the horizon, the roar of the surf, a summer full of lightness - when we think of a beach, very different pictures and moods spontaneously arise within us. It is, therefore, not surprising that the beach is a popular motif in painting. Discover artSOLITAIRE's depictions of beaches in art - as originals by contemporary artists.

Beaches in Painting - Places of Longing and Deep Emotions

Paul Gauguin, Vincent van Gogh, and Claude Monet - they all immortalised the beach with their paintings in their unique way. Longing always plays a significant role in this classical subject: the view out to the infinite expanse of the sea is a main theme in many beach paintings by classical artists. Somewhere out there, the adventure we have always dreamed of is waiting. When the world presents itself in a completely different light, we can leave our past behind and shape our future ourselves. But longing is not the only feeling that enters the focus of the interplay between beach and art. Lightness and joy are repeatedly taken up as central moods in the pictures. This has not changed to this day, as the works by contemporary artists presented at artSOLITAIRE prove.

Beach Paintings in Art - Far From Naive Painting on the Beach

Contemporary artists invite us with their art and paintings of beaches to a place where the water whips against the shore, children build sandcastles, and adults enjoy a fresh breeze to clear their heads. Here, where longing and passion, the feeling of freedom and vastness and the irrepressible storm of the tides meet, myriads of motifs emerge that can be captured for eternity in an endless number of ways. Whether as an oil painting of the beach, an elaborate collage, or a photorealistic depiction of an atmospheric scene - in the pictures you will discover exactly the themes and moods that you personally associate with the beach.

A Day at the Beach in Art - Original Works at artSOLITAIRE

Awaken your anticipation for your next visit to the endless sandy beaches of the Caribbean, the rough surf of the North Sea and Baltic Sea or enjoy a mental detour to the vibrant beaches of the Mediterranean - the original works by contemporary artists at artSOLITAIRE make it possible: From the oil painting by Sybille Bross, executed directly on the beach, to the atmospherically dense works by Michael Krähmer, to the beach landscapes of Cornwall by Gary Westall, order all works from us as originals directly from the artist's studio.