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Sea Paintings

Gentle rustling, wild roaring, foamy waves, and endless expanses - the sea has fascinated humans since time immemorial. It awakens in us a desire for adventure, becomes a place of longing and invites us to dream - just like the paintings of the sea by contemporary artists.

Paintings of the Sea - The Inspiration of the Ocean

From the Atlantic to the Pacific, from the North Sea to the Mediterranean - the sea not only covers a significant part of our planet's surface but is also the habitat for countless creatures, the source of numerous myths and legends, and an endless source of inspiration for artists from around the world. The sea can appear mysterious and enigmatic as well as unpredictable and threatening or inviting and gentle - it all depends on the perspective.

Looking at maritime paintings from all art epochs illustrates how differently artists have interpreted paintings of the sea. "The Great Wave" by Katsushika Hokusai, "The Monk by the Sea" by Caspar David Friedrich, and "The Beach at Pourville" by Claude Monet – these three works alone demonstrate how diverse paintings with the sea as a motif can be. This has not changed to this day, as contemporary artists also succeed in bringing the sea to the canvas in various facets.

Sea Paintings - From Abstract to Photorealistic

Precisely because the exploration of the sea can be so multifaceted, contemporary artists use various styles to express their motifs. In our selection, you will discover naturalistic-inspired paintings with beach and sea, immerse yourself in emotional worlds where pictures abstractly represent the sea or be amazed by the richness of detail in photorealistic acrylic and oil paintings. The fact is, among sea paintings, there is always something new to admire. This applies not only to stylistic diversity and mood variety but also to the individual focus of each artist: sometimes it's the crashing waves that take centre stage, sometimes the painting features people on the beach, and other times, ships are sailing on the sea in the painting. In this variety, art lovers can undoubtedly find their favourite sea painting.

Buy Maritime Paintings - Contemporary Art of the Sea

Do you want to be captivated by the endless expanse of the sea, dream of riding the waves on the ocean, or let the salty sea breeze brush against your nose during a walk along the shore? The sea paintings from the studios of Arnold Voet, Michael Bajer, Anke Gruss, and many other contemporary artists invite you to do just that. Order the sea paintings directly from the studio - of course, with a certificate of authenticity.