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Photorealistic Pictures

With precision, technical skill and breath-taking attention to detail, photorealistic artists create unique works that blur the lines between painting and photography. Discover photorealistic pictures by contemporary artists that require a second look to distinguish between the image and reality.

Photorealistic Pictures in the 20th Century: Counterpoint to Abstraction and Idealism

The 1960s/1970s were a time of media upheaval in the United States of America. True floods of images poured out of televisions and magazines into people's living rooms. Reality and advertising merged together until they were barely distinguishable. At the same time, idealistic and abstract styles dominated the art scene, with realistic depictions taking a backseat to emotions and ideals. In this conglomeration of sensory impressions, photorealism emerged as both a countermovement and a critique. Instead of imaginative, emotionally charged imagery, the focus shifted to representations that reproduced motifs from photographs with almost surgical precision. And with a level of detail that was tantamount to an optical illusion.

Photorealistic Painting - When Image and Reality Merge

What is an image? What is reality? Photorealistic paintings blur the boundaries between the two, provoking an essential question: if a depiction of reality is so deceptively real, then who's to say that reality itself isn't just an illusion?

Despite the philosophical question behind photorealistic painting, what is fascinating is the technical precision with which the images are created on the canvas. Different techniques are often combined, but the foundation of the work is always photographic images of a motif. These are projected onto the canvas and then transferred detail by detail. The motifs for photorealistic images are diverse: representations of animals and people, as well as automobiles, architecture, and landscapes, appear in the works of contemporary artists.

Buy Contemporary Photorealism Pictures: Distinctive Unique Pieces From the Studio

Photorealism had only a brief heyday after its birth as an art style. Today, however, this genre is enjoying renewed popularity. This is due, on the one hand, to the innovative technical possibilities that allow high-resolution photographs to be used as a basis for photorealistic images. On the other hand, the unique dedication and endurance that artists such as Arnold Voet, Gerd Bannuscher, or Ulla Kutter must exert for their deceptively photorealistic works are now much more appreciated than in the past. Therefore, you can buy various paintings from the field of photorealism from us. From contemporary artists whose works you can receive directly from the studio.