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Painting About Love

When two hearts meet, lift each other up to the skies and then merge forever, it must be love. The most sublime feeling of all has always been one of the most popular motifs in art. With us, you will discover numerous paintings about love by contemporary artists.

Paintings Full of Love - When Two Souls Connect

In the beginning, it often feels like a thousand butterflies in your stomach. Later, affection, appreciation and an inseparable bond dominate. Love has infinitely many facets and extends far beyond romantic couples. The love of parents for a child, the love for a close friend or a loyal pet can also fulfil us. Love is considered like a balm for the soul, a driving force in our lives and a motivator even in difficult times. It is no wonder that artists have been devoting themselves to the theme of love for thousands of years. "Echo and Narcissus" by John William Waterhouse, "The Kiss" by Gustav Klimt and "The Lovers" by René Magritte - all these artworks about love show various aspects of the romantic feeling. And it is precisely in this versatility that the fascination of art for love lies: Every artist interprets and stages paintings about love in a very individual way.

Works of Art on the Theme of Love - Every Style Is Represented

Precisely because pictures of love have always been widespread in art, the theme can be discovered in many different interpretations. Romantic love has by no means always been the sole focus of attention. Many historical paintings of lovers depict practical unions rather than romantic togetherness. Even in contemporary artworks depicting love, there is plenty of room for interpretation for viewers. However, the emotional component is always clearly emphasised: What feelings does looking at the painting about love evoke? Do we recall our own romantic encounters? Do we mourn a lost love? Or do we think of the deep bond that currently unites us with a loved one?

The goal of contemporary artists is to explore the different varieties of love and capture them on the canvas. The variety of motifs and captured facets is inspiring - from infinite tenderness to the sensual fusion of two bodies and even to sizzling jealousy that can shatter a love, everything is included.

Abstract Art About Love - Stylistic Diversity of Love in Paintings

Whether paintings of lovers in modern times, abstract art about love or street art interpretations of contemporary love - the artists in our carefully curated selection use different styles to depict their very individual interpretations of love. Discover the surrealistic paintings about love by Michael Becker, the dynamic brushwork of Mirek Kuzniar or a modern painting of lovers by Ilona Schmidt. All works are sent to you directly from the studio of the respective artist with a signed certificate of authenticity.