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Paintings With People

The human being, as a thinking and feeling being, has been a subject of art for thousands of years. Contemporary artists also dedicate themselves to the numerous facets of our existence in paintings with people, bringing together various art styles and forms of expression.

Art and People – An Inseparable Connection

As creative beings, humans have the ability to express their thoughts and feelings as well as their own experiences through art. In doing so, they often place themselves at the centre of attention: Just as our prehistoric ancestors did in the first paintings of people found in caves and on rock walls. The rudimentary design of that time has evolved significantly over the millennia. Today, the human being in the painting is no longer a sketchy, stylised outline but a thinking, feeling and experiencing being. People are considered actors, shaping individual lives, feeling, and experiencing desires and interacting with the environment. And this is precisely what makes people in paintings so fascinating - the multitude of individual possibilities to capture the personal character of the depicted and make it tangible for the viewer.

Modern Paintings With People - A Thematically Limitless Variety

Contemporary paintings with people are as diverse as the human beings themselves. Artists embed the motif in different scenes and design the people in a completely individual way. This applies not only to the physical appearance but also to the depth of the character depicted. In some works of art with people, the individuals shown are merely accessories in the scenery.

Typical paintings with many people include, for example, scenes at the beach, often shown by Sibylle Bross, or the hustle and bustle of a city, as seen in the works of Holger Mühlbauer-Gardemin. However, there are also paintings of people where the individual takes centre stage. A penetrating gaze, dreamy indulgence, or joyful enjoyment of the moment - in these paintings of people, individual emotions are expressed, making the viewer feel very close to the motif and able to experience and empathise with what is depicted.

Paintings With People - Abstract to Surrealistic

As diverse as the themes and motifs in paintings with people are, so is the stylistic representation. Whether paintings with dancing people, portraits of individuals or paintings with groups of people - contemporary artists bring their visions to the canvas with numerous different styles. Here, you can discover abstract paintings with people by Heike Schümann or Nicole Leidenfrost, immerse yourself in the surreal worlds of Maria Zalfen-Lenz and Oleg Breininger, or be fascinated by the impressionistic works of Gary Westall and Dagmar Jacobs. All these paintings with people can be ordered directly from the respective artist's studio – of course, with an authenticity certificate.