Street Art

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Street Art in Art

Banksy is undoubtedly the best-known representative of contemporary street art. He has made a name for himself worldwide with his stencil graffiti. Today, however, street art is no longer limited to public spaces: We offer street art on canvas - by contemporary artists who attract attention with innovative techniques and concepts.

Origin in Urban Space: Street Art as a Flexible Art Form

Graffiti several metres high, finely sketched miniature pictures or eye-catching wall paintings - the world of street art is colourful and varied. Nowadays, you can discover it in every major city. There, non-commercial art in public spaces presents itself in a refined and individual way at the same time. In contrast to purely written graffiti, the image part of the artwork usually dominates in street art. Apart from that, there are practically no rules: In terms of techniques, materials and such, there are no limits to artistic freedom, at least in public spaces. This is precisely what is so appealing to many street artists. That's why there are barely any free spaces left in some cities: electricity boxes, house walls, bridge pillars, streets, pavements - everything serves as space for design and is sprayed, painted, pasted or wrapped. Nevertheless, you don't have to plan a visit to the city if you want to admire modern street art. Nowadays, an increasing number of artists create their works on canvas.

From Pompeii to Berlin - the History of Street Art

Buying street art pictures has been a trend for some years now. The graffiti-style pictures look contemporary and inspiring and harmonise perfectly with a modern, non-conformist interior style. In fact, the roots of today's street art go back hundreds of years to graffiti in the Roman Empire. There, thousands of pictures and writings were scratched and carved into the walls of houses and buildings. They told stories about people's everyday lives or conveyed erotic content. Today, street art in public spaces is considered an artistic movement with prominent representatives such as Keith Haring, Werner Nöfer or John Fekner. Since the works of these artists are predominantly in public spaces, it is correspondingly difficult to purchase them. However, the creations of Astrid Stoeppel, Mavet or Beate Garding Schubert are a different matter. You can buy their works in our shop as original street art and thus bring authentic urban flair into your home.

Street Art on Canvas - Unconventional and Provocative

Whether on canvas or in public spaces, street art motifs and messages are often unconventional, socio-critical, or politically provocative. To achieve this, the artists use various techniques and styles: collages, digital printing techniques, and oil painting - the world of street art has something to offer for everyone. This is also true with regard to the motifs: lettering in combination with contouring sketches, city life and the people in it, or even completely abstract shapes and colour variations - our carefully curated selection brings the big city flair into your own four walls. Of course, as originals that are delivered directly from the studio of the respective artist.