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Paintings of Men

Rugged, dominant, and animalistic, yet also sensitive, eloquent, and courteous - men have many facets. That is why they are a popular and frequent motif in art. Here, you can discover paintings featuring men by contemporary artists, whose interpretations of masculinity today are freer than in any previous art epoch.

What Is Masculine? - The Man in the Painting

In earlier times, the attributes associated with the male gender were often unambiguous. This was also evident in art: In paintings, men were frequently depicted as dominant, overly masculine, and often held the fate of the world, or at least that of a woman, in their hands. Today, this image has changed: The way we and art view men is more complex, more true to nature and, precisely for this reason, often more flattering. Whether in male nudes from painting, in pictures of famous personalities or in abstract paintings and portraits of men - the perspective of contemporary art on men reveals a multi-faceted being, with strengths and weaknesses, with beautiful and less attractive attributes. Immerse yourself in this fascinating world and be inspired by paintings featuring men by contemporary artists.

Paintings of Young and Old Men - From Abstract to Surreal

Contemporary artists interpret "the stronger sex" in very individual ways. Whether in a painting of an old man or a portrait of a young man - each work reveals a unique story and allows us to see the world through the eyes of the artist. This applies to the pictures of famous men from the studio of Holger Mühlbauer-Gardemin as well as to the surreal paintings of men by Michael Becker. In our carefully curated selection, you can discover a wide range of styles that are almost as varied as the personalities of the men depicted in the works. There is always something new to discover here, a new facet of masculinity to experience that you have never known before.

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