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The unclothed human body is a fascination to which many famous artists have devoted their works. And even today, artists continue to succeed in bringing new facets of nude painting to the canvas. From abstract to romantic - at artSOLITAIRE you will find contemporary nude paintings in all their diversity.

The Nude is One of the Oldest Art Genres

In antiquity, the unclothed body was glorified, while later epochs attributed something disreputable to human nudity. Gods and heroes often appeared unclothed in sculptures as well as in paintings. Even in the Middle Ages, nude men and women were recurring motifs - especially in religiously motivated depictions. At that time, erotic attributions were still unthinkable. Today, nude images often merge into a fascinating combination of passion and sexual attraction, scientific studies and deeply felt emotional attachment. The human body as a vulnerable yet strong, flawless yet imperfect motif has lost none of its fascination over the centuries.

The Dramaturgy of the Human Body in Nude Paintings

Everybody tells their own story - and this story is in the eye of the beholder. Through the eyes of great artists such as Gustav Klimt, Pablo Picasso or Max Pechstein, we get a glimpse of unique human bodies, intimate stories and touching emotions that we can't easily get out of our heads. Each nude painting bears the unmistakable signature of the artist - this applies to the prominent works of former grandmasters as well as to contemporary artists. For they, too, have discovered what is probably the most human of all motifs for themselves and use it in different ways to immerse us deeply - in stories that move us, excite us and bring us close to both the artist and the person depicted in a special way.

Stylistic Versatility in Contemporary Nude Painting

If you decide to buy nude paintings, there is a wide stylistic range to choose from. Unlike Impressionism or Romanticism, where one basic direction of motivic representation always dominated, nude paintings have been placed on canvas through all stylistic epochs. Contemporary artists such as Michael Bajer, Steffen Blunk or Dagmar Jacobs thus enjoy every freedom in the creation of their works to express themselves and their view of the unclothed human body.

The special thing about the nude paintings at artSOLITAIRE: Without exception, the works are originals by currently living artists. You can order them directly from their studios - convenient, secure, and guaranteed unique. Choose watercolours, collages, acrylics, or oils on canvas and fall in love with the depicted bodies and their stories.