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Expressionism Pictures

Expressionism not only produced some of the most famous works of art at the beginning of the 20th century. Even contemporary artists know how to inspire us with expressionist pictures full of emotion and radiance. Discover a carefully curated selection of modern expressionist pictures by well-known and emerging contemporary artists.

Expressionism in Art: Subjective Feeling, Rather Than External Observation

Expressionism is a style of art that continues to influence and inspire many creative artists today. It already began in the last years of the 19th century but reached its peak in the first two decades of the 20th century. Famous painters such as Franz Marc, Paul Klee and August Macke created a series of impressive Expressionist works of art during this period, which stood out from anything that had existed before due to their special radiance and the expressive character of their colour and form. This was precisely the aim of Expressionist art: to break away from the previous pictorial styles and, instead of reproducing a motif in detail, to focus on the inner, subjective perception of it.

Expressionist Paintings - Expressive Colour Worlds and Reduced Forms

German artists, in particular, impressively stuck out on the international art scene with their Expressionist paintings. Unmixed, strong colours met with almost woodcut-like forms, which combined seemed to glow with energy and radiance. Even today, Expressionist artworks sweep the viewer away with their liveliness and unbridled energy. This applies equally to the unforgotten works of Marc Chagall, Paula Modersohn-Becker, or Emil Nolde and the paintings of contemporary artists. They use entirely different media to create their expressive Expressionist pictures: oil, acrylic, and even combinations of acrylic, chalk, and ink combine on wood or canvas to give motifs such as scenes on the beach, pulsating city life or rural landscapes an unbridled energy that intoxicates the viewer.

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Expressionism is a style that has lost none of its impulsiveness to this day. Contemporary artists such as Nicole Leidenfrost, Robert Hettich or Gary Westall convey untamed passion with their works and translate it with impressive colour power. Anger, sadness, joy, sensuality - when you buy current pictures from Expressionism, you bring a whole world of emotions into your home. All of the Expressionism pictures you can order from us are by established or emerging contemporary artists and will be delivered to you directly from the artists' studios. With our carefully curated selection, we enable you to experience the full range of Expressionism in pictures - unfiltered, uninhibited and with a power that immediately engages the viewer.