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Illustrations in Art

Illustrations tell stories, convey messages, and are therefore more than merely an aesthetic end in themselves. Illustrated pictures in art often present themselves as particularly opulent and rich in detail. Here, you will discover a wide selection of illustrations by contemporary artists - each work is a unique piece.

Illustrations in Art: Pictures Full of Stories

Depending on the era or style of art, paintings often have very different intentions: They may present themselves as purely aesthetic works, reveal the artist's inner world, or criticise prevailing norms and deliberately push the boundaries. The essential characteristic of illustrations in art is their narrative character: A message is conveyed through the illustration. Therefore, illustrations are frequently used as pictures in advertising or books. Modern illustrations in art, on the other hand, stand apart from texts or advertising messages. They exist as an independent art form that captivates the viewer quickly with its story and message.

What Illustration Paintings Are Available at artSOLITAIRE?

In terms of materials and media, illustrations in art could hardly be more diverse. Here, you can discover oil paintings as illustrations, pictures illustrated with ballpoint pens and rollerball pens, acrylic paintings, or collages. If you would like to buy original illustrations, you can choose from countless different motifs. From depictions of women and men to animals, landscapes, and motifs from pop culture - everything is available.

Our carefully curated selection is the result of our intensive efforts and years of experience. We regularly visit studios and galleries around the world to introduce you to the works of young contemporary artists and established artists. Immerse yourself in the surrealistic illustrations of Michael Becker, transporting you into bizarre worlds. Revel in the colourful works of Uwe Fehrmann and be enchanted by the surprising illustrations of Maria Zalfen-Lenz's art.

Enhancing the Impact of Illustrations

Artistic illustrations are often particularly colourful and have a narrative motif. Accordingly, illustrated art should be given ample space to have optimal impact. Before purchasing illustrations from us, feel free to use our configurator. This will show you how the picture will look in different environments. To test the effect in your home you can upload your own photo. Once you have found the perfect piece, order directly from the artist's studio. You will always receive an original artwork with a certificate of authenticity. Reliable processing and insured shipping are guaranteed with us. This applies not only when purchasing art illustrations but also when acquiring our other original works.