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City Paintings

The pulsation and vibration of the metropolis are an almost magnetic attraction for many people. Artists, too, have not been able to resist the fascination: In paintings of cities, contemporary artists present their own view of metropolises, well-known cities and provincial towns.

The City in a Painting – A Subject Full of Life Energy

There's always something happening in the city: extraordinary personalities, spectacular experiences, and new wonders to discover every day. Metropolises such as New York City, Berlin and Tokyo attract millions of visitors each year, exploring streets, discovering the nightlife or simply getting carried away by the city's excitement. It is no wonder that cityscapes or paintings featuring a city as a motif have been popular since the late Middle Ages. Particularly in Germany and the Netherlands, city panoramas were often chosen as motifs. However, just as the cities of people have changed over the years, so has the approach to depicting the city in paintings. The portrayal of the city in painting today could hardly be more versatile. The individual perspective of the artist and the special atmosphere often take precedence over the naturalistic representation of streets and the like.

City Painting - Recreating the Vibrations of the City

Anyone who has been in a metropolis knows how quickly one can be captivated by the shimmering air, the vibrant activity, and the unlimited variety of possibilities. Paintings with the city as a theme capture individual aspects of the experience: Mirek Kuzniar, for example, takes us on a stroll through the streets of Provence, conveying the very special savoir-vivre. Holger Mühlbauer-Gardemin, on the other hand, accompanies us on a tour through the New York streets at dusk after a rain shower – a snippet of the city in the painting that immediately catapults us into the scene. Looking at a painting of a city always means engaging with the artist's perspective, empathising with their unique view of the metropolis, and discovering the city with entirely new eyes.

City Paintings at Night – When the Other Life Begins

Whether it is an acrylic or oil painting of a city, spray paint or watercolour - a completely new feeling for the city's urban canyons presents itself to the viewer after sunset. At night, the city fills with a second life, bringing a new dynamic. Contemporary artists vividly capture this in paintings of houses and cities at night: The Leine Palace in Hanover, Germany, by night by Dagmar Jacobs, a nocturnal industrial landscape by Melissa Faltermeier or Ulla Kutter's nuanced depiction of a nocturnal scene in a metropolis - you can order these and many other paintings from us directly from the artists' studios. Naturally, with a signed certificate of authenticity.