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Minimalist Pictures

Reducing the gaze to the essential and focusing on clarity – is the goal of artists who are dedicated to creating minimalist pictures. Here, you will discover a wide selection of contemporary minimalist art that calms the eye and sets exciting accents with its simplicity.

Minimalist Pictures in Art - A New Perspective on Painting

The artistic tradition of minimalism emerged in the 1960s as a countermovement to abstract expressionism. While abstract expressionism placed subjectivity at the centre of the picture, minimalist art distanced itself from strong emotionalism and instead focused on the motto "less is more". The interplay of form and colour in minimalist pictures was significantly reduced. Clear forms and simple colours took centre stage instead of the overflowing impulsiveness of expressionist movements.

The artists aimed to bring only what actually exists onto the canvas. No hidden meaning, no invisible metaphor, no meta-level that viewers have to painstakingly decipher. Instead, the minimalist pictures of "Minimal Art" focused on the simplest, most fundamental forms and colours, as well as their interplay.

Reduction to the Visible

Minimalist artworks by contemporary artists can be seen in the tradition of last century's Minimal Art but also find ways to break free from it. These pictures can be more freely designed today, offering viewers more room for interpretation. Contemporary artists still create numerous minimalist pictures that follow the original tradition of the movement. At the same time, there is an increasing variety of minimalist pictures available for purchase that redefine the concept of "minimalism".

The artists move away from the strict reduction of minimalist art and instead bring figurative motifs back into focus. Nevertheless, they stage them in a simple and reduced form, often bringing calmness and order to the viewer's gaze. However, this is by no means true for all minimalist pictures: Many artists work with contrasting colours and delicate forms and thereby bring an unexpected dynamism to their artworks.

Buying Minimalist Pictures - From Minimalist Abstracts to Figurative Art

If you want to buy minimalist pictures with frames, are interested in minimalist canvas pictures, or are searching for a minimalist artwork created with oil paint, discover our carefully curated selection of minimalist pictures by contemporary artists.

Let Carolina Villagra-Roth take you on a journey to the water, enjoy the effect of Julia Pasinski's figurative depictions or be inspired by the classically minimalist pictures by Astrid Stoeppel, where reduced forms and clear colours capture the gaze. All artworks can be ordered directly from the respective artist's studio, and they come with a signed certificate of authenticity.