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Flower Paintings

Opulent exotics meet native meadow herbs, expressionistic seas of blossoms juxtapose objective nature studies, and wild beauties present themselves in abstract tradition - flower paintings offer a range that cannot be found in any garden. With us, you can order floral artworks by contemporary artists - as diverse as a bouquet of flowers.

Paintings with Flowers - Floral Fascination That Transcends Centuries

Flowers have been more than just decorative elements in art for centuries. Albrecht Dürer, Maria Sibylla Merian, and Vincent van Gogh - are all known, among other things, for their paintings with flowers. The fascination for floral arrangements on canvas and other painting surfaces is almost self-explanatory: flowers symbolise beauty and life while also representing transience. Moreover, the flora of our planet presents itself in an almost infinite variety, producing an incomprehensible abundance of shapes and colours. Captured in oil and acrylic, this floral splendour survives decades and centuries. Flower paintings thus become testimonies to the breathtaking beauty of our nature, which is as strong and resilient as it is delicate and ephemeral.

Flower Images as Paintings - From Abstract to Naturalistic

The tradition of lifelike depictions of flowers in art began around 1500 and has been continuously perfected ever since. Over the centuries, floral artworks have been subject to changing traditions and trends. In addition to decorative flower painting and nature studies, flower paintings also appeared in expressionism, could be discovered in abstract works, and were even admired in minimalist images. And since the fascination for floral artworks of nature persists to this day, contemporary artists also create flower paintings in various styles - just like many other motifs from nature - from landscapes and water to animal representations.

If you want to be captivated by colourful seas of blossoms, enchanted by the vulnerability of budding beauties, or swept away by the stylised arrangements of a still life, flower paintings by contemporary artists are perfect for you.

Buying Flower Paintings - Capturing the Beauty of Nature for Eternity

Whether abstract flower paintings, oil paintings with flowers and frames, blossoms made of chalk on handmade paper, collages, or acrylic paintings with flowers - the spectrum of works with floral motifs in contemporary art is as versatile and magnificent as a summer flower meadow.

Discover the colourful floral world of Irina Laube and indulge in the visual delights of blue irises, pink roses, or red poppies. Explore the powerful floral worlds of Nicole Leidenfrost, which capture you with their dynamism. Or experience the sensual femininity of Ekaterina Moré's flower paintings, radiating positive energy and inspiring lust for life and emotional experiences. With us, you can buy these flower paintings directly from the artists' studios, including a signed certificate of authenticity.