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Paintings of Gardens

A place to relax the mind and body, experience nature and unleash creativity - gardens serve as a retreat for people and a space for self-realisation. Garden paintings reflect this in numerous facets. With us, you can order a carefully curated selection of garden paintings by contemporary artists.

Garden Paintings - Enchanting Places Captured on Canvas

Garden paintings have a long tradition in art. In earlier times, private gardens were relatively rare and primarily served self-sufficiency. However, they became places of longing from the 19th century onwards. Many artists of the time immortalised their love of nature and their connection to their gardens in unforgettable paintings that still resonate today. Garden paintings by Monet, Renoir or Klimt and Nolde - all showcase the fascination for the unique atmosphere that gardens exude. The indulgence in a lush sea of flowers, leisurely strolls under shade-providing trees on a hot summer day, or the sheer abundance of shapes and colours have always captivated artists of all kinds.

Garden Images from Abstract to Naturalistic - A Cornucopia of Stylistic Expressions

Whether considering the changing times or contemporary representations, paintings of gardens present themselves in a stylistic abundance that undoubtedly compares to the versatility of a colourful flower meadow. After all, gardens fascinate with their variety of facets: from wild gardens where all life forms presented by nature are allowed to spread freely, to structured gardens where visible organisation deliberately shapes nature into a whole new form.

Contemporary artists individually utilise this wealth of possibilities to capture impressions and experiences of gardens in paintings for eternity. From abstract expressionism to impressionistic works, from Pop Art to Surrealism, there is a suitable garden image to be discovered for every art lover.

The Garden in Painting: A Private Refuge in a Changing Time

The garden - a private sanctuary where the unity of nature and humans suddenly becomes palpable. Those who own a garden know this feeling. It is, therefore, easier to understand why so many contemporary artists have painted garden images or painted in their gardens.

We bring a piece of these private natural beauties into your home: Discover garden paintings by Ute Meyer, Anke Gruss, or Ansgar Skiba. Immerse yourself in nocturnal gardens, let yourself be enchanted by meadows in full bloom, or relax in the shade of a lushly overgrown arbour. With us, you can order all garden images directly from the respective artist's studio, including a signed certificate of authenticity.