Geometric Art

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Geometric Pictures

Geometric shapes shape our view of the world: circles, cones, squares, and rectangles appear in various variations in our daily lives. It's no wonder that numerous artists create geometric pictures, focusing on these seemingly everyday shapes and creating an entirely new effect.

Geometric Pictures in Art - The Reduction of Motifs

Pictures with geometric shapes have a long tradition in art. After all, squares, circles, pyramids, and more shapes hide within almost every artwork, sometimes more, sometimes less obvious. Whether it's pictures of landscapes, architecture, or people, ultimately (almost) any motif can be deconstructed and reduced to a collection of geometric shapes. However, that's not what artists do.

On the contrary, instead of a deconstructivist approach, they start directly from the smallest unit and deliberately bring it into the viewer's focus. Polygons, diamonds, ellipses, or spirals become the main protagonists and present themselves, depending on the artist, in a clear and sober minimalistic style or in an exuberant representation that takes on almost expressionistic features.

Pictures With Geometric Shapes - Simple, but by No Means Simplistic

Geometric artworks have been in demand for many years. Thanks to their unique composition, many geometric pictures exude a particularly modern look that calms the eye and leaves plenty of room for one's own thoughts to flow. At the same time, these pictures allow for discovering something new over and over again. The simple motif does not create simplicity or plainness as a whole. Instead, pictures with geometric shapes often present themselves so delicately and with multiple layers that the viewer can get lost in them.

In addition, there are geometric pictures in which the artists have deliberately created ample room for interpretation. Here, the geometric shapes come together to form an entirely new motif that seems to change with the orientation of one's gaze.

Buying Geometric Pictures - From Collages to Acrylic Artworks

Geometric pictures give artists the freedom to explore the world of shapes and colours in their own style. That's why you can buy geometric pictures from us, created with entirely different materials and media. Discover the vibrant collages by José Bifano, the large-scale compositions by Martina Rick and Toni Nohe, as well as the versatile geometric artworks by Astrid Stoeppel. With us, you can order all the works directly from the studios of nationally and internationally renowned artists and receive a signed certificate of authenticity with every purchase.