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Paintings With Ships

Standing on deck, feeling the wind in your hair, and sailing towards the horizon in the evening sun - countless adventures await you in the seemingly endless expanse of the sea. Discover paintings featuring ships by contemporary artists and set sail.

Paintings With Ships - Traveling on Rivers, Inland Waters, and Oceans

Water is one of four elements and the elixir of life for us humans. Once upon a time, water was the natural boundary of the human habitat. To expand it, humans built floating vessels with which they conquered the waters of this world. Paintings of seafaring show the diversity of these watercraft - from small canoes to majestic sailboats to luxurious cruise ships. Many artists have taken on the task of capturing these ships in their pictures. William Turner, Caspar David Friedrich, and Claude Lorrain - have all created paintings with ships, viewing these floating means of transport from very different perspectives. In doing so, they awaken in the viewer a longing for adventure, a desire to explore the world or simply the wish for a getaway on the sea.

Ship Pictures - A Journey to the Waters of the World

Paintings of ships in harbours, pictures of peacefully swaying fishing boats or works depicting ships in a storm - the range of maritime painting is extensive. Those with a passion for maritime art and a liking for the boundless expanses of the ocean, the playful glistening of sunlight on the water's surface or the great roaring sound of the foaming sea can truly immerse themselves in paintings of ships. Contemporary artists interpret paintings of ships in their own unique way, evoking countless different moods in the viewer.

The diversity of art styles seems as boundless as the sea itself: At times, the sailing ships in paintings appear abstract, at other times photorealistic and true-to-detail, and occasionally impressionistic. Discover the stylistic diversity, the fascinating play of colours and the unique stories that these paintings with ships tell.

Acrylic and Oil Paintings With Ships - Contemporary Maritime Paintings

Paintings with ships by contemporary artists not only inspire with their motivic diversity but also vary in terms of materials and mediums used. In addition to oil paintings of ships from the studio of Asghar Keyhanian, you can find acrylic works by Peter Notrott as well as ship paintings by Holger Mühlbauer-Gardemin, which were created using a combination of materials, such as acrylic, coloured pencils and varnish. All these paintings with ships are sent to you directly from the artist's studio and have been provided with a certificate of authenticity by the artists. In this way, you can bring the fascination of the sea and seafaring into your home or office spaces.