Figurativ Art

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Figurative Art

People, animals, landscapes, everyday objects - figurative art focuses on representational depictions. The motif is clearly recognisable as such, the choice of style is solely up to the artist. From impressionistic to photorealistic - with us, you can buy figurative pictures directly from the studio.

Figurative Pictures - Tangible Motifs as Common Ground

The term figurative painting or figurative art covers contemporary styles in which things and figures are recognisably depicted. Figurative art differs significantly from both abstract and concrete art, but this does not mean that it could not also contain elements of these two traditions.

As the name suggests, figurative pictures focus on figurative motifs. These can be people and animals as well as automobiles, flowers, cities, or ordinary household objects. Depending on the intention and style of the artist, the depiction of the motif can be naturalistic and realistic or shaped by the filter of the artist's own emotions and worlds of experience. Figurative art does not form a style of its own - rather, numerous styles can be discovered in figurative art. Impressionist depictions with figurative motifs can be found here as well as minimalist or surrealist compositions.

Realistic and Abstract Figurative Painting - Seeing the World Through Different Eyes

Looking at a painting always means engaging with the artist's gaze. Figurative art offers a particularly easy access: the viewer is presented with motifs that they know and can locate in their own life cosmos. Unlike abstract or concrete art, figurative art provides a direct link to the viewer's own reality.

The extent to which the boundaries between the realistic representation of figurative art and the abstract world of the emotional can blur is shown in abstract figurative painting, also known as figurative abstraction. Here, contemporary artists consciously combine stylistic elements in which inner and outer reality merge fluidly. This results in inspiring new pictorial compositions, that allow the viewer to literally wander in two different worlds.

Buy Figurative Art - Contemporary Works Direct from the Studio

Anja Struck, Michael Bajer, Olyana or even Stefan Szczesny - they all inspire with their impressive, figurative pictures, some of which you can buy from us. Discover acrylic and oil on canvas or combinations of acrylic and photography or acrylic, coloured pencils and oil pastel. All works of figurative art that you order from us will reach you directly from the studio of the respective artist. Always included: a certificate of authenticity signed by the artist.